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A civil wedding in the UAE for Saudi expats

A civil wedding in the UAE for Saudi expats

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It is quite certain that many expats in Saudi Arabia cherish the neighboring UAE for its amazing beauty. Expats who know about the civil wedding provision in UAE also plan to marry in this country. The icing on the cake is the easy documentation process.

Before they arrive in the country, it is very important for expats to learn all there is to know about the documentation process. This article will explain the steps and documents required for a wedding in the UAE. Future expat couples in Saudi will benefit from this.

The important marriage documents

Before they can register their marriage at the Abu Dhabi court in UAE, the marriage law requires expats to put together and submit this list of essential documents;

  1. Passports
  2. A completed and duly signed marriage application form.
  3. Proof that they are not still in any marriage.
  4. Emirate’s ID if any of the parties resides in the UAE.

Please note that couples need to consent to the marriage before they come to court. They will also have to be up to 18 years and above to be considered eligible for marriage in this country.

Final thoughts on the civil wedding process in the UAE

The UAE government wants expats and visitors to feel at home in the country and that is why they made the marriage process easy. Once couples have these documents (which are not far-fetched), they can enjoy the express marriage.

Marriage in the UAE wastes no time at all. People from all parts of the world can access this marriage and get a valid certificate. The legal process is smooth and carefully designed to enable couples to marry without difficulties.

If you wish to learn more about the steps for having a civil wedding in the UAE, book a consultation with our wedding team. They can acquaint you with the most recent requirements.

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