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Abortion law in Saudi Arabia

Abortion Law in Saudi Arabia

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The US-based Centre for Reproductive Studies reports that Saudi Arabia has some of the most permissive abortion laws in the MENA region. Abortion procedures can be performed for the mother’s physical or mental health under the Saudi legal code.

Points to Ponder Abortion laws in Saudi

According to the CRS, nearly 80% of women in the Middle East and North Africa live in countries that restrict abortions. The practise of abortion is generally illegal in Saudi Arabia, with only a very narrow exception. In order to obtain an abortion legally, a woman must be in grave danger of her health or life if the pregnancy poses a grave risk to her. If the fetus is older than four months, a panel of approved specialists will need to declare that the pregnancy will be fatal. Those seeking an abortion must have the consent of three physicians, as well as their husbands or guardians.

 What if you violate the laws?

A violator commits any other form of abortion on a woman will pay blood money to the unborn child’s family. The law explicitly prohibits abortion for families fearing financial instability or inability to provide an education for their children. Using abortion pills for sale is illegal and has resulted in arrests

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