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All you need to know about the consequences of a baby passport in Saudi Arabia without marriage

Consequences of a baby passport in Saudi without marriage

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There are some serious consequences of issuing a baby passport without marriage for unmarried mothers who are usually expats. Saudi is a Muslim country based on Sharia Law due to which there are some limitations for women.

As per the laws, they can’t be in physical relationships before marriage. Still, some non-muslim expats settled there or they have to shift to Saudi for job purposes. Life eventually takes on and women become unknown of their unexpected pregnancy.

While UAE is quite fast forward in accepting a baby outside a wedlock; most GCC countries still have a long way to go. In this article; we shed light on the consequences and our recommendations

Follow the conditions of baby passports in Saudia Arabia:

 After obtaining the birth certificate for your child, you will now need to apply for a passport. The requirements are as follows:

  • Attested Birth Certificate translated into English by MOFA
  • Attach the passports of both parents
  • Obtain a copy of the marriage certificate of the parents, translated into Arabic
  • Baby’s passport-size photo
  • Photocopies of both parents’ Iqamah
  • A copy of the page showing the expiration date of the Iqamah
  • The Saudi Visa Copy as well as the Visa Expiration date from Absher (In case either of the parents is on a visit visa).

Coming out the best solution for getting a baby passport in Saudi Arabia:

As discussed before, Saudi Arabia is based on sharia rules and regulations that every national should follow. All these rules apply even to those who are residing as expats.

If single women get to know about the unexpected pregnancy and can’t figure out what they do. The best option is to get married to your loved ones in locations such as Georgia or Seychelles where laws are less restrictive and you can get your marriage registered in Saudi Arabia.

The couples have also a choice of the online wedding who want to do a more economical wedding or their partners are quite far from each other. 

Our easy wedding team has the solution to every matrimonial issue, let’s tie your knot today!

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