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Easy destination wedding in Seychelles for Saudi expats

Easy destination wedding in Seychelles for Saudi expats

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Marriage and family are two of Saudi Arabia’s most important cultural values. However, getting married in Saudi Arabia is a difficult procedure for expats. It is even recommended that you register your marriage outside of the country. To avoid becoming embroiled in a problematic legal scenario, it is strongly advised that you conduct thorough research and consult your home country’s embassy and legal services.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, only Muslims can legally marry in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian legal system does not permit interfaith unions. If you are looking for an easy and swift wedding process, Seychelles could be your best choice.

General requirements of getting married in Saudi for expats:

  • Both the bride and groom must have a valid residency permit.
  • Written consent from the bride’s present sponsor/guardian
  • Both the bride and groom have reached an agreement.
  • Completed religious rituals
  • For Arabic-speaking foreign couples, the marriage contract can now be signed at home (since 2018)
  • For other Muslim foreigners, the marriage license can be obtained through family courts.
  • Attendance of spouses, bride’s guardians, and their representatives

Seychelles: A perfect option for Saudi expats

It might be challenging to have an easy wedding in Saudi Arabia due to sharia law. Romance can be tempered by Saudi Arabia’s rigid and restricted rules. Not to forget, getting married at a decent venue in Saudi can cost you a fortune. This makes Seychelles an appealing option for Saudi expats. Seychelles is not only kinder to your wallet, but it also offers a swift and hassle-free process for an easy wedding.

Requirements for a legal wedding in Seychelles:

  • Passports for the bride and groom that have been authenticated
  • The couple’s authenticated birth certificates
  • Authenticated death or divorce certificates for the former spouse, if relevant
  • Filling out an online registration form or contacting the Civil Status office to register
  • The couple must appear in person at the Civil Status office, according to Seychelles government regulations. If you want to get married at home, you must let the Civil Status office know at least one week beforehand.

Why should Saudi expats choose Seychelles for their dream wedding?

Seychelles is an ideal location for adventure-seeking couples. These lovebirds will always find something to enjoy in the beautiful islands, including trekking through tropical jungles to snorkeling, and scuba diving. It is affordable and romantic, which is the best combination to exist. The ease offered by Seychelles legislation will not dull the light of romance on your wedding day.

Do you need additional suggestions for an easy wedding in Seychelles as an expat living in Saudi Arabia? To talk more, get in touch with one of our wedding counselors right now.

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