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Easy wedding Bahrain for Saudi expats and other excellent options

Easy wedding Bahrain Vs other excellent options for Saudi expats

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Saudi and Bahrain share the same continent and are, therefore, not so far from each other. Thus, many Saudi expats often move to Bahrain and vice versa. The most common reasons for the presence of different people in Bahrain can be attributed to work, schooling, and marriage.

Foreign expats in the GCC countries can benefit from a comparison between the marriage processes in Saudi and Bahrain. This article will look into this and also examine why Georgia and Seychelles are superb alternatives.

Standards for marriage in Bahrain and Saudi

The Kingdom of Bahrain has standards that must be met before a marriage is finalized within its borders. Saudi also has standards that must be met. The couple must take care to do the following:

  • Obtain the consent of each other.
  • Perform pre-marital screening at an approved hospital.
  • Obtain the consent of the bride’s father.
  • Get a letter of approval from an employer, and
  • Have at least one residence visa.

When the couple meet all of these standards for marriage, then they are on their way to finalizing their marriage in Bahrain and Saudi. These apply to Muslims but non-Muslims have to go some extra miles.

Non-Muslims can have a civil marriage in their respective embassies or churches/temples. Non-residents will also need a special judge to officiate their marriage.

Why should Saudi expats opt for Georgia and Seychelles?

Georgia and Seychelles are hotspots for destination weddings. Compared to Bahrain, these countries have a pretty straightforward system that incorporates people from all nationalities. Also, their marriage officiation is very fast and free of hitches.

Expats who opt for any of these places will conclude their marriage fast and obtain a certificate that is valid in all parts of the world. The beautiful beaches in Seychelles and the mountains of Georgia are all the sophistication you really need for your big day.

If you are an expat who contemplates what a wedding in any of these places might entail, you need to seek reliable directions. Our team of wedding experts can provide you with these. Book a consultation with them for tested and trusted guidance.

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