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Easy wedding ideas for Oman expats in Saudi Arabia

Easy wedding ideas for expats in Saudi Vs Oman expats

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Marriage is considered sacred in Saudi Arabia. Family is the core value of society in Saudi Arabia but getting married in Saudi Arabia is an extremely complex process. And since Saudi Arabia one of the strictest GCC countries with regards to its laws, this makes an interfaith marriage even harder. In fact, Saudi Arabia does not recognize marriages between any other faiths.

It is generally advised and preferred by expats to get married outside of the country to come back and register their wedding. To ensure that you don’t get yourself entangled in a sticky legal situation we have compiled the major conditions and requirements in this article. If you would still want to consider getting married in Saudi Arabia, you might want to contact your respective embassy for guidance.

General requirements for an easy wedding for Oman expats in Saudi Arabia

  • Valid resident permit for both parties
  • Written permission from the current sponsor of the bride
  • Mutual agreement of both the bride & the groom
  • Completed religious practices
  • The marriage contract can now be signed at home for expats since 2018 (for Arabic peaking couples)
  • The marriage license can take place in family courts for other Muslim expats
  • A medical report
  • Attendance of spouses, guardians of the bride, and their representatives

Alternatives to Saudi Arabia for non-Muslim Oman expats

Saudi Arabia does not offer a variety of convenient ways to get married for non-Muslim expats. It is fitting for expats to elect a destination wedding in countries like Georgia or Seychelles. These countries offer convenient and easy marriage procedures. You get a legal marriage certificate which you can then register at the civil affairs office.

Another practical option for expats to consider is to have an easy online wedding. This is especially convenient if one of the parties is not a legal resident of Saudi Arabia or Oman or in the case of inter-faith marriages. 

Easy wedding solutions for Oman expats

Saudi Arabia just like any other GCC country has strict and restrictive laws for many residents including those in Oman. This makes Saudi Arabia unfavorable to have your dream easy wedding. Your best bet would be to choose a beautiful destination wedding spot or have an online wedding.

Looking for easy wedding solutions while living in the GCC? We can provide personalized guidance! Contact one of the marriage consultants on our team now.

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