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Easy Wedding invested 0,000 in Metaverse weddings.

Easy Wedding invested $100,000 in Metaverse weddings.

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Easy Wedding

Easy Wedding, is a leading wedding agency, in Gulf countries. Hundreds of people got married online and in Georgia, Seychelles, and Dubai, with the help of the Easy Wedding team. The company is currently working on a new digital destination for GCC couples.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a game-changing technology. It easily integrates virtual reality (VR) and creates objects (AR) technologies to bring the real and digital worlds together. Metaverse is a virtual 3D world where users may create 3D avatars and explore an interactive world.

When it comes to constructing surroundings, Metaverse is a flawless technology with little to no limitations. A couple can not only build their 3D avatars but also their dream wedding set-up in an immersive 3D universe.

100,000$ investment in Metaverse

Easy Wedding invested $100,000 into Al Haya Al Sahla to take the Metaverse wedding market by storm. In Dubai, Al Haya Al Sahla specializes in offering legal wedding services to expats. The money will help the UAE wedding industry develop in MetaVerse’s immersive virtual environment.

Easy Wedding, the Gulf Cooperation Council’s leading wedding agency, is expanding its services in Al Haya Al Sahla. With the support of the Easy Wedding team, hundreds of people have married online, in Georgia, Seychelles, and Dubai. The agency is now developing a new digital destination for GCC couples planning weddings with their friends and family.

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