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How difficult to exchange the vows for Expats: Saudi Arabia Vs Easy-wedding Qatar

How difficult to exchange the vows for Expats: Saudi Arabia Vs Easy-wedding Qatar

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One of its core values is to establish and maintain a marriage and family. Getting settled is a need in life. However, solemnizing your wedding in Saudi Arabia or Qatar is quite an arduous process for expatriates.

If you are divorced, then the process is a bit more lengthy and complicated than actual ones as well as special precautions need to be taken for child custody, if required. Expats should celebrate their wedlock and make it legal in other countries. 

Requirements of Marriage in Qatar for Expats:

Although the paperwork for expats is a bit too long and complex rather than any country. The couple should contact their embassy before getting married to ensure that marriage in Qatar will be recognized by their respective countries. Documents may be required by the embassy before a marriage can be approved, depending on the country, which includes:

  • Copies of Passport
  • Attach the Residence Permit
  • Birth Certificate copies of both individuals
  • Attach the Passport Photos
  • Fill out the Application Form
  • Attach the Divorce decree if needed
  • Do the Genetic Screening Tests and attach the reports before marriage

Requirements of Marriage in Saudi Arabia for Expats:

Getting married for expats who wish to exchange vows with non-muslims or make their marriages valid throughout the world. The Saudi embassy requires the following requirements:

  • A valid residency permit and an Iqama are required for both bride and groom
  • The bride’s sponsor must provide written permission
  • A marriage contract must be agreed to by both partners
  • Marriage ceremonies and marriage licenses will both be conducted by Saudi family courts
  • The competent authority must approve the application with two witnesses’ signatures
  • It is also necessary to submit medical test results before marriage
  • Representatives of the bride and groom must attend

Tough challenges facing Expats:

Legal Saudi marriages are only possible for Muslim individuals, regardless of their religious beliefs. Marriage between other faiths is not recognized by Saudi Arabian courts. A major factor here is that the courts are bound by Sharia Islamic Law.

For those of a different religion or nationality, the only way to get married in Saudi Arabia is either to wed outside of the country and submit a legal marriage certificate. While in Qatar, each religious place has its own rules that make your marriage process a bit longer.

Final Verdict on taking the right step for expats:

If you are an expat belonging to any other nationality, and living in a country under restrictive rules. However, you want to marry in a place where you do not have to undergo the time-consuming process. Make your mind clear and opt for the options of Georgia, Seychelles, UAE or online. All these countries are the best-suited alternatives for executing your marriage quickly.

Still looking for the perfect destination to tie the knot, consult our expert team of planners to know more.

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