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How Saudi expats can benefit from the New UAE Marriage law 2022

How Saudi expats can benefit from the New UAE Marriage law 2022

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Saudi Arabia and the UAE are close neighbors who have maintained a cordial relationship over the years. These two countries are located in the Middle East and are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Due to their proximity to each other, they can also be viewed as competitors in matters relating to business and sometimes, politics. 

In February 2022, the UAE ratified a new civil marriage law that will see to the simplification of marriage proceedings between non-Muslim foreigners. Even though all citizens of Saudi Arabia are expected to convert to Islam, the few foreigners of non-Islam inclination who wish to marry in a more lenient atmosphere can visit the close-by UAE and take advantage of this marriage law. 

What are the requirements of the New Law?

The new marriage standards are set forth that individuals who have agreed to get married should be up to 18 years of age. The same law, both partners are expected to disclose any former marital union. 

If any of the partners were to be divorced, proof of divorce will have to be tendered. All legal aspects of the marriage will be officiated by a civil court Judge. It is also interesting to note that Islamic principles are not applied in the formalization of this marriage law. 

Final verdict on choosing UAE as your dream wedding destination for Saudi expats

The UAE is a beautiful nation with lots of alluring sights and resorts for a memorable wedding occasion. A destination wedding in any of its emirates will give the married couple something to look over in the coming years of their marriage. So, non-Muslims in Saudi can still enjoy their wedding at minimal costs. If you are interested in having a destination wedding, the Easy Wedding agency will be glad to organize the legal and ceremonial aspects of this occasion.

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