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how to get marriage online certificate for Saudi expats

How to get marriage online certificate for Saudi expats and residents

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For Saudi Expats, civil marriage is the best way to get married. It supports foreigners marriages in a legal way in Saudi. However, globalization has influenced a plethora of customs. Interreligious marriage is now common. People from different religions and ethnicities are getting married. 

But, if you are in Saudi, Muslim-non Muslim marriages have a lot of restrictions. So to apply for online marriage certificate, or either chose civil marriage or go to Georgia, Seychelles like countries where marriage rules are easy for Muslim-non Muslim marriages.

Getting marry online certificate for Saudi Expats

For expats wanting to get married in Saudi, you need to create a marriage contract. You can do this through the website of the ministry of justice. After submitting the relevant documents and dully filling the form, the ministry assigns a marriage officer who performs the expat marriages.

Steps to get marry online and get your marriage certificate:

  1. The groom needs to apply in court to marry someone of another nationality.
  2. After approval, the next formality starts
  3. The bride needs to get written permission from her sponsor.
  4. They have to complete the religious practice.
  5. Finally the civil court performs the marriage procedure.

Once the marriage is performed, you can start the process of getting married and receiving an online certificate of marriage..

In conclusion to getting your online marriage certificate

We understand that sometimes getting married is tough. For an easy marriage, you can anytime find legal wedding consultants who will help you take care of your legal documents and other necessities. After all, your marriage is one of the most vital events in your life and you want to cherish it

Keen to know more about your online wedding as a Saudi expat; allow our team to guide you with the legal steps for your special day.

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