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Is internet marriage legal for Saudi expats moving to Canada?

Is Internet marriage legal for Saudi expats moving to Canada?

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Canada is gradually becoming a better destination for Saudi ex-pats; the country provides a higher quality of life, and it’s no surprise that many people are moving there; nevertheless, is it easy to get married online in Canada?

However, Getting married online may not be the ideal option if you plan to migrate to Canada in the near future or sponsor your spouse. Read more to find out the best solution for the Saudi expats moving to Canada.

Can you get married through the internet to move to Canada?

Prior to 2015, Canada allowed virtual marriages for immigration purposes where one or both spouses were not physically present. The only requirement was that the marriage is legal in the country where it took place.

The Canadian government no longer acknowledges this. The restriction on internet marriage was implemented primarily to alleviate the vulnerability of women in the immigration situation.

Immigration laws in Canada

If you and your partner live in a GCC country you should be aware of the challenges of getting married there. Many couples have chosen alternative options such as going to Georgia or even getting married online. If you want to move to Canada, however, getting married online is not the best option.

The only option is a legally recognized marriage in which both of you were physically present.

In conclusion to get married in Canada and best option for Saudi expats

To summarize, internet marriage is not valid in Canada. However, many countries, like Georgia, Seychelles, and the United Arab Emirates (for non-Muslims), provide simple wedding options. These countries have less paperwork and are better suited for foreigners who want to get married quickly and without difficulty.

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