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Looking for Easy-Going Wedding Places for Expats: Easy-Wedding Georgia VS Saudi

Looking for easy going wedding destinations for Expats: Georgia VS Saudi

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Like many other countries, Saudi Arabia has its core values which they have to follow and expats of any ethnicity must adhere to them. Most expats feel uncomfortable with these limited regulations. Some are still finding the best-suitable venues for their marriages. Let’s hop on this article and get everything that you need. 

Restrictive Saudi Marriage Laws:

Those who wish to get married to non-muslims or make their marriages valid worldwide may follow the lengthy process in Saudi.

  • Brides and grooms must have valid residency permits and Iqamas
  • Written permission must be provided by the bride’s sponsor
  • Both partners must sign a marriage contract
  • Saudi family courts will conduct both marriage ceremonies and marriage licenses
  • Approval of the application must be obtained from the competent authority with the signatures of two witnesses
  • Medical test results must also be submitted before marriage
  • The bride and groom’s representatives must attend

Expats prefer Georgia as a top choice for conducting marriages:

Georgia is not only filled with captivating places but also a peaceful country in terms of marriage rules. Because Expats don’t have to face tough challenges like other countries and give the official validity on the same day. The marriage process in Georgia is quite simple and fast to proceed which is ideal for many expats.

The advice for Planning the Wedlock beautifully:

When there is so much hassle around there, all we love is to go to some peaceful place. This only happens when you travel to comfortable places away from your hectic schedule. Rather than Saudi, plan your wedding in a relaxing destination like Georgia. You can relax whilst you plan the most beautiful day of your life.

Enjoy your wedding as you want to in Georgia and book an appointment with our team expert wedding planners.

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