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Sharia law for Saudi expats: Explained

Sharia law for Saudi expats: Explained

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Getting married in Saudi Arabia is not as easy as it is in the UAE for expats. To marry in this country, you have to meet a long list of requirements. 

This article will give you insight into Sharia law and how it become complicated for non-muslim expats. Moreover, it also provides you with the best alternatives to get married more hassle-free in the least possible time. So, let’s hop on all you need to know about foreign couple marriages in Saudi Arabia.

What is Sharia Law?

Sharia law has legal provisions associated with the rules of Islam. On the basis of it, only Muslim individuals are allowed to marry under Saudia law. No marriages between other religions are recognized by Saudi Arabian courts. This is due to the courts adhering to Sharia Islamic Law.

What restrictions come under Sharia Law for mixed marriage expats?

According to Islamic law, Saudi Arabia does not recognize marriages between people of different religions or nationalities unless you get married outside of the country and submit a legal marriage certificate upon returning. In this case, the embassy would need legal approval, both from the country it represents and from your partner’s country, as well as from the Kingdom. 

Final Verdict on Solemnization under Sharia Law:

Expats belonging to different nationalities want to marry in the best possible place. Seychelles or Georgia is the most appropriate location for them. It is not only filled with the most beautiful and  romantic places around there but also requires more simple paperwork than Saudi Arabia. In some cases, both parties go for the marriage through an online medium due to some possible reasons.  

Don’t delay your marriage by choosing the right place. Book a call with our team to flesh out more information. 

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