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What must Saudi couples know about the mass wedding in UAE

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Mass wedding is the biggest event starting from 2020 and still the trend of this prestigious event to sail through. UAE citizens are quite lucky enough to be a major part of it. Let’s dive into the article and know more about what the best alternatives are for Saudi people and expats out there. 

Who can follow the rules of the mass wedding UAE

Mass weddings are only a platform for the indigenous people of UAE, organized by its government. How lucky they are to connect with your Emirati brothers on a special day of marriage and initiate a new family in a loving environment. However, no other people belonging from different nationalities take advantage of this big fat wedding.

Marriage process for Saudi couples:

Saudi couples are most likely to get married under the Sharia Law of marriages because the majority of people settled there are Muslims. Here are the marriage requirements of it that you need to follow:

  • Both bride and groom must hold a valid residency permit and Iqama
  • Written permission from the bride’s sponsor is required
  • The terms and conditions of the marriage must be agreed upon by both spouses
  • Both the bride and groom must agree to all the religious practices before getting married
  • Saudi family courts will conduct both the marriage ceremony and the marriage license
  • An approval letter with two witness signatures is required from the competent authority
  • Pre-marriage medical test reports must also be submitted
  • The bride’s and groom’s representatives must be present
  • The bride’s guardian must also be present

Concluding on the mass wedding in the UAE

While the mass wedding in the UAE is an amazing opportunity for UAE nationals; this is certainly not something most of our expat couples can opt for. People from different nationalities looking for a fast wedding within their budget can avail on of the many wedding package of Georgia, Seychelles or virtual wedding, depending on your wedding situation.

Let us know your ideal wedding plans and contact our team to make them come true.

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