Wedding Destinations for the Saudi Residents

Our wedding destinations are carefully chosen for people living in Saudi. As you imagine, living in the GCC requires a few adaptations for expats. Laws & regulations are very unique. In addition, religions & nationalities can quickly become a challenge & the bureaucracy can turn it into an impossible one.

We offer you the best destination with fast and easy wedding solutions. We started with our own story; now we are now helping dozens of people every month to find the best solutions to their problems.


Civil Wedding in UAE

Our UAE wedding packages are built for couples residing in Saudi and planning to live together legally. You may be looking for this option when you are planning to:

  • Live together as a couple
  • Sponsor your partner
  • Have a baby
  • Apply for new visas

If you are still not sure, please book a call with our wedding advisors.

Georgia Weddings

A few hours away from Saudi; the stunning country of Georgia offers incredible opportunities for organizing your wedding. Our professional wedding planners can help you to have a gorgeous wedding at any location:

  • Seaside
  • Old towns & monasteries
  • Mountains
  • Outdoors

Anyone who is 18 years old, has the necessary papers,u00a0 is legally permitted to marry in Georgia. The country does not place restrictions on civil marriage based on nationality or religious beliefs which makes it extremely attractive for GCC expats.

Still wondering if a wedding in Georgia is right for you? Book a call with expert wedding specialist to know more.

Seychelles weddings

Seychelles, just a few hours from Saudi, offers fantastic possibilities for your tropical beach wedding. Our expert wedding planners can assist you in planning a beautiful wedding with the right legalization.

  • Paperwork wedding
  • Nikah ceremony
  • Dream wedding by the beach
  • Custom tropical wedding

For expat couples who don’t have much time to plan a wedding, a wedding in Seychelles is most likely the best alternative. You can have a simple and stress-free wedding that’s also internationally recognized.

Keen to know more about a wedding in Seychelles while living in Saudi? Book a call with expert wedding specialist to discover more

Online Weddings

If you are looking to get married without traveling; Saudi expats can now legally marry within the comfort of their home. Our professional online wedding specialist can help you to have an intimate online ceremony.

You might need to marry for the following reasons:

  • To legally live as a married couple
  • Starting a family
  • Apply for a sponsorship visa
  • Relocate to a new country

Regardless of your ethnicity, sexuality or physical location, couples can have a US State licensed with an online wedding ceremony conducted on Zoom. The hard copy of your marriage certificate can then be used as a legal proof of your marital status.

Book a call with our wedding planners and to get married online without the hassle of traveling anywhere.

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Most common Wedding questions
How to marry in Dubai as a Saudi expat

Dubai weddings are famous around the world for their grandeur and extravagant celebrations. The new laws have made it easier for expat couples who want to marry here. If a couple is of the same nationality and religion, getting married in Dubai isn’t a big deal. However, this is not always the case.

In this article, we will discuss the requirements for a stress-free civil marriage in Dubai.


Unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi is more accepting of people of different nationalities marrying. Furthermore, under the new marriage regulations, non-Muslims can marry in a non-Muslim court. As a result, many GCC expat couples travel from other GCC nations to marry in Abu Dhabi.


  • Approval/consent of the bride (formal).
  • In Dubai, a minimum of one of the parties to the marriage contract (bride, groom, or bride’s guardian) needs to be a UAE residence visa.
  • In other emirates, both parties must have a UAE residence visa.
  • In all Emirates, a positive pre-marital medical screening certificate is mandatory for couples. The certificate must be issued from the authorized public healthcare facilities in the UAE.


If you and your partner share the same nationality and religion, you can always choose a hassle-free wedding at your desired embassies. However, if you are of different nationalities, this may not be possible.

In such cases, destinations such as Abu Dhabi or even Georgia and Seychelles are your best option. Unless we review your wedding situation, there is no hard and fast rule as to which destination would be ideal.

Keen to know more if you are eligible for a civil marriage in Dubai; feel free to speak to our team of legal wedding experts.

Easy wedding Dubai and other good choices for Saudi expats

Expats in Saudi Arabia often want to visit Dubai because of its rich culture and thriving economy. Also, the nice physical structures in Dubai are attractive baits that pull many to the emirate. So it is no surprise that tourism is a major aspect of this society.

Marriage is another factor that draws people to Dubai. Since Saudi expats cut across different backgrounds and cultures, they need to know what the marriage law stipulates for visitors. This article will also explain some alternatives like Georgia and Seychelles.

Dubai marital requirements for expats

Muslims who want to marry in Dubai have a pretty easy ride compared to non-Muslims. The Dubai Sharia Court caters to the non- For non-Muslims the process is quite long as they have to hold a ceremonial wedding in their churches or temples. After that they will proceed to the Public Notary to authenticate their marriage certificates.

The list of documents that should be tendered include:

  • Passports
  • Emirates ID
  • Birth certificates
  • Medical test results
  • Death and divorce certificates from previous marriages

Expats who prefer a simple civil wedding can go to Abu Dhabi. The family court in this capital city caters to non-Muslim civil marriage.

Final thoughts on the easy wedding Dubai option for Saudi expats

How easy a Dubai wedding will be often depends on the couple’s religion. Saudi expats who want to avoid all the long processes can go to Georgia or Seychelles. Just a few documents are required for marriage in these places. Most importantly, couples of different ethnicities can also marry without any hindrance in these places.

A wedding in the two locations mentioned above is fast so expats can finish the process in due time. The most important fact is that the marriage certificates issued in these countries are valid in all parts of the world.

Do you wish to marry in any of the two countries mentioned above? If your answer is yes, book a consultation with our wedding experts who will explain the procedures in detail.

Online wedding – How can you get married if you can’t travel?

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in online weddings. As a result, many countries amended their marriage laws. Some even enacted new legislation to give people to marry online.

Marriages are initially only legally valid if the couple appears in person in front of the officiant. However, with the necessary documents, you can now attend virtual weddings. As a result, marrying online is now easier than ever.

Online wedding step by step 


Finding the person who will perform your wedding is a critical task. Only the wedding ceremony can be performed by a legal officiant. However, the rule in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries is different. The ritual can be performed here by a religious priest.

You can hire a legal officiant in any country that allows online weddings. As a result, you are not required to marry in the country in which you currently reside. Obviously, your potential spouse does not have that option.


Make an appointment with your country’s authority to obtain a marriage license. However, in some countries, you may need to make an appointment ahead of time. Furthermore, different countries have different laws regarding marriage licenses prior to marriage.


Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Identity proof (typically a license or passport depending on the state).
  • Witness (Not all states require witnesses).
  • The name, birthplace, and date of birth (DOB, full name, birth state).
  • Documentation of the previous divorce or death of the partner (if applicable).
  • Money for the marriage license fee.


Nowadays, streaming platforms can be found almost anywhere. As a result, it provides you with far more options than you may require.

Popular platforms for international weddings include YouTube, Facebook, and others. Zoom, on the other hand, stands out as the most popular and user-friendly option. Zoom links are now simple to send to all guests and participants. In short, it removes the major burden of marriage attendance.


Now, you have completed formal responsibilities. It’s time to go online and marry your love of life. 

If you two live in two foreign countries, getting married online can be a bit tricky. Make sure you are making the right decision for your special day. It is always a good idea to speak to a wedding consultant.

How to get married in Dubai Vs Saudi Arabia for Nepali citizen and expats

In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, court marriage for Nepali is quite an easy process to get married. The couples looking for how to get married in Dubai for Nepali have lesser requirements than a church wedding. 

However in Saudi; the process is a lot more complicated, even more so over; if couples both belong to different nationality or religion. In this article we shed light on how a nepali can get married in Dubai Vs Saudi

Court Wedding in Dubai for Nepali

Court marriage in Dubai by taking wedding services Dubai is the easiest way to get married and save money and time. The couples planning to get married in the UAE are supposed to submit the following documents:

  • Identification papers of the applicants (it includes a valid passport and Emirates IDs)
  • Certificate of an applicant’s legal capacity in marrying from the Nepal embassy located in UAE
  • Death certificate/ divorce decree needed while verifying capacity to marry and civil status
  • Documentation regarding paternal advice or consent
  • Premarital medical exam certificate

Sadly this is only the case if both partners are from Nepal. The process is complicated if any partners holds the nationality of another country.

Getting married in Saudi for Nepali resident or expat

The process to get married in Saudi can only commence if both belong to the same nationality and religion. Even then so; the paperwork and documentation would be longer than expected.

However, with that said getting married to someone from a different nationality or religion makes it impossible to marry in Saudi. 

Living in Saudi and wondering how to marry in Saudi or in Dubai book a call with a team of expert legal wedding consultants.

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