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Dubai marriage for Filipinos and Pakistani residents living in Saudi

How can Filipinos and Pakistani residents living in Saudi get married in Dubai

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In UAE, laws and regulations to get married in Dubai for Filipinos and Pakistanis are constantly updated, making keeping up difficult, especially concerning marriage legislation or policies. A major concern for expats is how to get the paperwork out of the way so they can get on with planning.

In the UAE, marriage is governed by Sharia Law. Having a wedding in Dubai is convenient for Filipino and Pakistani couples in this case provided they are both Muslims.

In this article, you will give a brief overview of why Filipinos and Pakistanis residents living in Saudia choose Dubai for marriage.

How do Filipino and Pakistanis get married in Dubai Court?

Instead of conducting a religious ceremony make sure, he/she should consult his/her counsulate or embassy. Moreover, Filipinos can do the court marriage only at the consulate general office of the Philippines if both are Filipinos only.

In order to get married to a Filipino with Pakistani person, he/she must embrace Islam before marriage. This law comes under Sharia Islamic Law. To know more about this process, keep in touch with us.

Conditions required to get married for Filipino and Pakistani in Dubai

Valid permit:

No Residence permits are required. The whole process can take four weeks but the couple must have a valid permit to stay during this specific period. 

Premedical screening:

The medical checkup is needed to check the health status of both parties, and whether they are medically fit to initiate the marriage process. Any public healthcare facility in Dubai can issue this certificate. 

Legal representative:

It is required to have the presence of a legal representative or proxy. A woman who’s marrying must provide the consent of her guardian. If a legal representative can’t attend the marriage or deceased, the official witness must be the next closest male guardian like closest kin such as a brother, uncle etc.

NOC (No objection letter):

No objection letter is to be submitted by the relevant authority of the legal representative as a witness if the bride and the legal representative belong to different religions.

Saudi Arabia: Why Is It Difficult to get married for Filipinos and Pakistani

It is far more restricted for the Filipino and Pakistani couple to get married under the Islamic law than in Dubai. You need to meet the following criteria:

  • Submit Residence permit known as Iqama from both partners
  • Require sponsor’s permission for a bride in a written form
  • Both bride and groom must adhere to the marriage terms and conditions
  • Based on the agreement of both parties, all the religious practices of marriage must be performed.
  • During the marriage ceremony, the marriage license will also be issued by the Saudi family courts
  • You must provide a letter of approval from the competent authority along with two witnesses
  • It is also necessary to submit a medical test report prior to marriage 
  • It is also mandatory that the bride’s guardian is present

Final thoughts on how to get married in Dubai For Filipinos and Pakistani

The complexity of your marriage mainly depends on your religion. If both are Muslims; the process is easier as suppose to a Muslim marrying a non Muslim.

Still confused about how to get married in Dubai Vs Saudi as for Filipinos and Pakistani ? Don’t hesitate, feel free to consult with our team to know more.

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