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Marriage in Saudi Arabia

How to get a fast marriage in Saudi Arabia for foreigners  

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You’ve moved to the beautiful Saudi Arabia with your partner and are starting your lives together- or perhaps you met your beloved partner as an expat. This is wonderful, however, in Saudi Arabia, you will likely find yourself in the position where you need to wed your partner fast, for example: 

How hard is it to get married in Saudi Arabia for foreigners? 

Getting a fast marriage in Saudi Arabia for expats is far from a simple task. Unfortunately, most expats tend to resort to getting married outside of Saudi Arabia, travelling home or to other destinations. While this is often a wonderful option for expat couples who are open to a destination wedding- and this is also a service we provide in our extensive wedding packages- this isn’t always an option for couples where time is of the essence.  

If you’re looking to get married fast in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner- to someone who perhaps is even a different faith than yourself- then there are some excellent options for you if you choose to start your marriage journey with Easy Weddings.  

What weddings are on offer for foreigners looking to get married in Saudi? 

We offer: 

  • Online Nikah Marriage 
  • Online Civil Ceremony 
  • Muslim Court Weddings 
  • Customisable wedding packages that suit all requirements with countless add-ons to make the process as easy as possible- from passport and document translations to birth certificate support 

At Easy Weddings, we’re here to make your journey to married life fast, easy, and enjoyable. It may be complicated for expats to get married quickly in Saudi Arabia, but this can be essential to do to build your lives together. We understand this, and because of that we’ve helped thousands of couples get married quickly and easily in the UAE. 

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