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How to have an easy wedding in Saudi Arabia as an expat?

How to have an easy wedding in Saudi Arabia as an expat?

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Getting married and starting a family in Saudi Arabia is a major life event for any expat. Unfortunately, the process of getting married in Saudi Arabia can be long and tedious. Generally, most expats choose to return to their home countries for a wedding. The requirements to have an easy wedding in Saudi Arabia can drain the magic out of the big day.

Requirements for expats to have an easy wedding in Saudi

  • Valid resident permit for both bride and groom
  • Written permission from the current sponsor/guardian of the bride
  • Mutual agreement of both the bride & the groom
  • Completed religious practices
  • The marriage contract can now be signed at home for Arabic-speaking expat couples (since 2018)
  • The marriage license can take place in family courts for other Muslim expats
  • A medical report
  • Attendance of spouses, guardians of the bride, and their representatives

Can non-Muslim expats have an easy wedding in Saudi?

Sadly, non-Muslim expats do not have plenty of options to have an easy and romantic wedding in Saudi.

It would be advisable for non-Muslim expats to plan a destination wedding. Countries like Georgia and Seychelles offer easy wedding alternatives for these expats. The magical beaches and lush green forests of these beautiful countries complement the shine of your romance. An online wedding on the other hand can be an excellent option for expats who cannot travel due to any reason. These options are especially ideal for inter-racial or inter-faith couples. The only option available currently for non-Muslim expats is to turn to their respective embassies for guidance. These marriages are then easy to register with the civil affairs office in Saudi.

Easy wedding solution for expats in Saudi

Due to sharia law, having an easy wedding in Saudi can be difficult. The strict and restrictive laws of Saudi can dim the light of romance. To avoid that, an exquisite wedding in the middle of clear blue waters should be considered. Or a hassle-free easy online wedding for Saudi expats is always a good option.

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