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Pregnancy before marriage in Saudi Arabia

Pregnancy before marriage in Saudi Arabia

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It is very important to know that getting pregnant before marriage in Saudi Arabia is illegal. This can also affect getting good prenatal care during pregnancy. Having an abortion is not even an option because it is against Saudi Arabian laws.

Continue reading this article to know more about abortion in Saudi and our recommendations for women in this circumstance.

Abortion Laws in Saudi Arabia

Committing abortion in Saudi Arabia is illegal. Even selling abortion pills is not allowed as this can lead to arrest. However, there are a few exceptions which include the following;

  • If the woman’s life is at risk,
  • If the pregnancy is going to endanger the woman’s physical and mental health,
  • Pregnancy arising from incest or rape.

And if any of these three reasons above are to be considered, the pregnancy must be less than four months old and they will still need the consent of a number of physicians as well as the woman’s guardian or husband, as the case may be.

Solutions to pregnancy before marriage in Saudi Arabia

Upon discovering that you are pregnant, you can start considering either of the following;

  • An online wedding for couples who cannot travel,
  • A destination wedding which can either be in Seychelles or Georgia.

Seychelles and Georgia are very good locations for your destination wedding. The entire process will only take a few days to be completed and you get your legal marriage license which is acceptable all over the world.

Conclusively, which ever type of wedding listed above you decide to go for, you are on the right track.

If you are in a similar situation or know someone going through this, contact us and we will make it a walk in the park for you with no time wasting.

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